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Although there is a robust assortment of Open Source Software available for healthcare, DiggnDeeper is much more interested in the Open Sourcing and Decentralization of healthcare research, data and even education.

We are in dire need of the foundational characteristics that Open Source can offer for our healthcare: transparency, community-based collaboration, and meritocracy. Using open standards can greatly increase throughput and capacity, pushing advancements further and faster.

In the currently established environment of product and data protectionism, it may be hard to convince some that sharing data and collaborating on research and production is beneficial. Luckily, these advantages become more and more apparent as success snowballs. We have seen it in many other areas, and healthcare is probably the most ripe for success through openness and decentralization than anything else.




You are also welcome to join our Discord: where we will be discussing all things Open, Decentralized and Anti-Prohibition. We believe these things to be the core of a more peaceful, robust and prosperous society.